How to improve the drying technology of Jiangmen paper holder

2020-04-24 472

With the maturity of production technology, paper tray can now be widely produced in large quantities, but in the production process of paper tray, dryness is a very important process, and occupies a large production cost. How can the production process improve the efficiency of paper tray?

The raw material of the paper holder is only about 1% of the pulp of the paper fiber. After forming, the moisture content of the wet paper should be reduced to 55% by mechanical pressing method, while the moisture content of the paper holder after forming is as high as 65% - 75%. It is difficult to reduce the moisture content by mechanical method. In the production process of the paper holder, About 3.5-4.5kg of water should be removed from each kilogram of finished paper tray through the drying process. It is of great significance to improve the drying efficiency in terms of reducing the production cost and improving the quality of paper tray!


The wet paper mold with paper fiber as the primary component is a porous object with capillary structure inside. The water exists between the surface of the fiber and the pores of the fiber capillary. In general, the paper support products used in the inner packaging of products need to have outstanding dynamic buffering function. The moisture in the process cannot be completely removed by mechanical pressing, but needs to be removed by dry method. Therefore, compared with the conventional paper page drying process, the paper pulp molded products have great drying strength.

On the one hand, hot air is used as a heat source to supply energy for water removal, on the other hand, it is also used as a water carrier to take away the constantly evaporating water. In addition to the internal dispersion and external dispersion of water, the so-called internal dispersion refers to the migration process of water from the inside to the outside in the wet paper tray, and the external dispersion refers to the process of water being taken away after transpiration from the outside. The drying rate of paper depends on the speed of internal and external dispersion of water and the balance between the two. Reasonable process conditions should be established around the above two aspects and the dryness of paper products!

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