Is Kaiping egg holder harmful to human body

2020-04-24 498

Raw materials are toxic and harmful. These raw materials, in principle, are not toxic to humans, and do not mean that they can be inhaled or eaten. In dusty working environment, long-term inhalation of dust and pigment can cause pneumoconiosis. Pneumoconiosis is a kind of work disease that can be prevented or not cured, which has the characteristics of continuous development, deterioration and complications. Therefore, workers in dust environment attach great importance to pneumoconiosis prevention. Use standard dust mask for operation protection.

1. Gauze mask, towel and disposable dust mask are not recommended for operation protection.


2. At present, it is necessary to implement gb2626-2006 self-priming filter type particle respirator to produce and sell dust masks in China. According to the national standard, dust masks are divided into kn100, kn95 and Kn90. In the meantime, kn100 can protect 99.97% of ultrafine dust. It can be used to prevent pneumoconiosis.

When selecting dust masks, attention should be paid: 1. It is necessary for dust masks to pass the national standard certification. 2. In principle, the super fine dust, such as welding smoke and silica dust, shall be selected with high protection level as much as possible. 3. Choose a smooth breathing dust mask. Now the dust mask with high technology adopts the electrostatic adsorption principle, and the same breath is smooth. 4. It is suggested to select silica gel material, which is not sensitive and relatively soft. 5. It is recommended to select dust masks of different sizes. Low air leakage rate.

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