Analysis of Jiangmen paper holder production mode and product characteristics of mask paper holder

2020-04-24 481

What is the mode of production of mask holder?

Mask paper holder is indispensable in our daily life. It is also widely used. Generally speaking, pulp products mainly use the waste paper that we don't use as the material, and then through pulping from time to time and adding some over pulping materials from time to time, and then through response molding, monotony and many processes of shape modification, produce an environmental protection paper plastic products. Green paper plastic products feel that paper is a relatively soft material, so the paper carrier products that can be manufactured are very few, still a kind of packaging material used for lining and buffering purposes. The advantages of mask paper carrier are that it has a good shock proof, moisture-proof and anti-static functions.


Excellent characteristics of mask holder

As a professional manufacturer of mask paper holder, green paper plastic products follow the pace of the times, increase investment in scientific research and technology, and pay more attention to the treatment and construction of enterprises. So there are many excellent characteristics of the new generation of mask holder. In the market, the variety of products is increasing, the diversified demand means to improve the quality of pulp molding. In order to produce high quality mask paper holder products, it is necessary to match with high quality fibers, because this is the primary component material. In order to save cost, we usually use waste paper to make pulp. According to the market survey of packaging industry, more than 60% of waste paper is reused many times, and the fiber becomes very short.

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