Precautions during the packing and transportation of Kaiping egg tray

2020-04-24 498

As we all have seen, egg tray is a kind of grinding tool made of a kind of hard cardboard for laying eggs. Since its appearance, it not only solves the problem of fragile eggs, but also plays a certain role in the regularity and beauty of laying. But you know what? Although it is said that egg holder has a good maintenance effect on eggs, if it is not used properly, it cannot play a corresponding role.

Precautions when placing eggs

1. The products packed by paper tray should be placed in the honeycomb of egg tray correctly, and the size of each tray should be basically the same.


2, when the egg tray is stacked between each other, it is better not to put it directly, adding a soft partition in the middle and better foam.

3. Fragile products (such as eggs, etc.) should be characterized with care. Since the delivery is not a few things, it is batch. Each stack of pallets should not exceed the height of 5 egg pallets, and should be fixed with rope or tape.

4. The packing of egg tray in the transport vehicle should be tight with each other, and try not to leave any space.

When using the egg holder, be sure to place the egg holder properly.

Article origin: Kaiping egg tray;

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