What are the design points of Jiangmen paper bracket structure

2020-04-24 468

In addition to the strength and durability of the paper holder, the paper holder products can be made into a variety of messy shapes according to the requirements of customers. When it is used as disposable tableware, its shape is relatively simple and its strength requirement is not high. When it is used as industrial inner packaging, its shape is very disorderly. It is necessary to satisfy the three requirements of industrial inner packaging: first, positioning requirements. It is necessary to ensure that the packed articles have a fixed position in the packing box. It is required that the shape of the paper products and the packed articles be synchronized, the touch is appropriate and the standard is accurate. Second, buffer requirements. The paper holder shall have certain resistance and flexibility as a whole, and its surface shall be soft. When it is in conflict with the package, it shall not damage the surface luster of the package, and it can eliminate the impact of collision and vibration when the package is transferred. Third, bearing. The products are required to have certain strength and rigidity to support the package and accept external pressure. In order to satisfy the above functional requirements of the products, in addition to the selection of appropriate raw materials, additives and production processes, the more important is the structural planning.

(1) functional structure:


In order to get used to the functional requirements, the shape cavity and vertical bar can be used when adjusting the strength and buffering. The shape cavity can increase the overall elasticity and flexibility of the product, and the vertical bar can increase the strength and rigidity of the product. In a relatively large plane, when the bearing ability is required to be high, it can be planned to be corrugated or honeycomb.

(2) technological structure:

In the process of production, the water should be separated gradually, the shape, orientation and standard of the products will be changed greatly. In the same plane and direction of the products in process, the total shortening amount of the paper holder is different. At this time, the paper holder will be warped or twisted.

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