Jiangmen yunfeng packaging products co. LTD

Jiangmen yunfeng packaging products co., LTD. Is a modern paper carrier packaging enterprise which is newly created according to the environmental protection requirements of various industries.The company mainly engaged in pulp molding (environmental paper holder, pulp card) packaging products, pulp molding (paper holder) mold research and development and production.
    we using advanced production technology equipment, mature production technology, specializing in the production of various USES, all shapes, all colors environmental protection packaging products.The paper tray products can be widely used in various electronic products, electrical appliances, arts and crafts, instruments, toys, glassware, ceramic vessels, all kinds of liquid bottles packaging, fruit, eggs and other internal packaging shockproof.In this way, it can replace the styrofoam molding and packaging materials that cause white environmental pollution, and the pulp molding products, which are made of pulp, are easy to be degraded and remanufactured in the natural environment, and have many characteristics such as anti-shock, anti-collision, anti-static, anti-corrosion, superposition and light weight, etc., so as to protect the green environment of human beings.



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